In that it would be professionally and ethically inappropriate, we never deign to comment upon how others might conduct themselves in business. We have however observed common traits in successful real estate professionals with whom we have interacted over the years. Agents newer to the business invariably seek advice from, and are introduced to us by, top producers in their brokerages. Legal "do's" and "don'ts" are best learned from available traning or mentoring. This firm does however universally recommend a full understanding of the inspection profession, applicable adminstrative law, standards and code of ethics.       
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Inspectors have the same clients in common with brokers and agents in their representation of buyers and sellers in real estate sale/purchase transactions. P.I.C. works with more than 1,500 brokers and agents in the inspection of several hundred properties each year. R. E. professionals often confidently rely upon P.I.C. for inspection of their own property purchases.
Who We Are & How We Work
A sole-practitioner inspection firm, our business largely comes to us by referral from former clients, with the balance being from networking professionals in real estate, law, architecture and ennineering, construction, insurance, appraisal, etc. Beyond our internet presence we do not actively market or advertise our services, relying on our strong reputation and depth of experience to generate new or repeat clients. Applicable state law, California Business & Professions Code, Chapter 9.3, Sec. 7197 (c) precludes home inspectors from offering any compensation or inducement for the referral of any business to a home inspector or company. 
What Our Clients Expect & When
Referred clients anticipate, and we provide, prompt and professional service with inspections to Standards of Practice recognized in adminstraive law (California Business & Professions Code, Sec. 7195 - Historical and Statutory Notes). Clients expect, and we provide, confirmed appointments, courteous and supportive service with timely-delivered, clear, comprehensive and easy-to-read reports with full consultation on findings. As with agents and brokers, we have a fiduciary responsibility within our professional discipline to provide confidential information necessary to the best interests of our clients, and to protect their privacy. 
Broker or Agent Referred Clients
The many agents and brokers who have referred clients to us over the years do so with confidence in our impartiality, objectivity and reliance upon our professionalism as an inspection services provider. Agents and brokers known to us understand and respect our direct responsibilitty to inspection clients, significant liability and potential for legal exposure. As an independent third-party reporter, we are governed by state law and per California Business & Professions Code, Sec. 7197 (e) do not accept assignments wherein an inspection fee is paid contingent upon report conclusions, any pre-established findings or close of escrow.
Adminstrative Law - What to Know
Business & Risk Management
As with any profession, referred or repeat business is the essential "life's blood" for members of the real estate community. When high-caliber inspection or other transaction support services are recommended, a service provider's quality and performance reflect upon the agent or broker. Buyers or sellers typically will form an opinion of their agents partially based on the service providers with whom they prefer to work. Top agents diligently work to manage and negotiate a transaction in the best interests of their clients, but would rather forego a commission earned on a transaction not likely to result in future client referred business.   
Successful agents are prepared for their clients' real estate inspection needs, know the value of a qualified inspection in transaction support, and maintain strong inter-professional relations with their preferred inspectors. P.I.C. principal inspector Keith Morgan, MCI appears on various major real estate brokerage firm lists of recommended inspection service providers.
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