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Established in 1994, P.I.C. is a sole-practitioner firm providing comprehensive real estate inspection and consulting services for individual buyers or sellers, investors, investment groups, banks or other lenders, management companies and legal firms. P.I.C. inspects and reports on the condition of several hundred residential and commercial buildings annually.
As an independent, objective third-party reporter, not involved in the real estate transaction, P.I.C. works for and reports directly to inspection clients. Our impartial position guarantees unbiased inspection services free of any conflict of interest. We join the team the day of the inspection and stand by clients with full consultation till the transaction closes.
Our office hours, with live person-to-person service are 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM (Pacific Time) Monday-Friday. We are also available by phone evenings and weekends. When unavailable to answer calls directly, our voice-mail system will immediately page us with your message or direct callers to our cellular phones in the field. Clients, or their agents, can easily reach us either to schedule or follow up on an inspection.
We take pride in providing friendly, courteous, and personal service supportive of clients  needs. Company policy is to provide the utmost level of technical knowledge and exemplify the highest standard of professional service to clients. Inspection field work is the process discovery, written reports are the delivery of information and our service includes consultation on inspection findings and full client support through close of escrow.
Client Services & Support
P.I.C. schedules inspections realistically allowing ample time for complete discovery of conditions unknown to us until we arrive at a property, and for discussion of findings with clients on-site. Inspections are conducted in daylight hours 7 days a week. Typically we schedule site-visits 3-7 days in advance. Every effort is made to accommodate emergency situations and short inspection contingency time-frames.

In our residential work, we generally calendar two average home inspections each day. Examination of a 1,500-2,500 sq.ft. home usually takes about 2-3 hours depending on the features of the property. Inspection of larger residential estates or 2-4 dwelling unit properties requires more field time. Complete inspection report requires ready access to all areas of buildings to be inspected, with all systems and equipment operational.

Commercial property and multiple unit apartment building inspections often require special arrangements for access and coordination with facilities management or other on-site personnel. Appropriate planning and scheduling is arranged and every effort made to ensure site-visits are conducted with minimum disruption to building occupants or business operations during the examination of such properties.
Site Visits & Field Work
Comprehensive written narrative reports on the condition of buildings inspected are emailed either the same day or within 24-48 hours of our inspection. Laser-printed, bound hardcopies of our copyrighted reports are available upon request via priority mail. Each individually prepared, easy-to-read report contains 20 sections (typically 50-60 pages) with information on the various systems, structures and components examined.

Reports are guaranteed accurate and formulated to meet Standards of Practice recognized as the "standard of care" for home inspectors in annotated California Business & Professions Code Section 7195. Inspection services include follow-up consultation on report information by telephone or email  at no charge till close of escrow. We encourage questions and discussion of report findings, both in the field and after the inspection.

Fees are structured appropriate to the value of our credentials, our significant responsibility to clients, and our considerable professional liability. Fees are quoted based on the type, size (square footage), age and approximate value of the property to be inspected. We accept personal checks, or payment by MasterCard or Visa is also offered for client convenience. Company policy precludes payment through escrow disbursement.
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