Single-Family Dwellings, Residential Duplexes, Triplexes & Fourplexes
General Grading & Drainage. Retaining Walls. Hardscape: Walks, Patios & Steps, Driveways/Parking Aprons, Porches, Stoops & Steps, Grading/Hardscape Relative to Foundation. Appurtenant Structures: Patio Covers, Balconies & Decks. Stairs, Handrails & Guardrails. Exterior Electrical (110v.) Systems & Components. Exterior Plumbing.
Cooling Systems
Central Air Conditioning Equipment, Condenser Units & Evaporator Coils. Related Electrical, Thermostat Control Devices. Condensate Drains. Evaporative Cooling Units. Distribution Ducting Systems. Air Filters. 
Covered Parking Provision & Configuration. Foundation. Structure, Walls & Posts. Roof Framing & Drainage. Roof Covering, Flashing. Concrete Floor Slab. Firewalls. Fire Doors. Passage Doors. Windows. Vehicle Doors, Hardware, Opener Motors & Hardware. Ventilation. Electrical: Lighting & Switch Controls, Receptacle Devices.          
Foundation Systems. Concrete Slab Floors. Crawlspaces: Access, Ventilation, Grade Clearance. Basement: Walls, Floor, Drainage. Substructure: Support Posts, Cripple-Walls & Lateral Bracing. Anchor Bolting. Floor Framing Systems & Decking. Underfloor Plumbing, Electrical & Mechanical Systems. Exterior Walls, Cladding, Trim. Primary Openings, Windows, Doors. Exterior Wood Components.
Masonry (brick, stone or other) Exteriors & Clearances. Flue Rise Terminations. Framed Chimney Chases & Cladding. Mortar Caps, Chase Caps. Spark/Ember Arresting Hardware, Raincaps. Wall & Roof Flashing Components. Ash Dumps & Cleanouts.  
Configuration & Construction Type. Enclosures: Barriers, Gates, Access & Safety. Decking & Drainage. Skimmers. Shell & Waterline Finish. Pumps. Filters. Pool Heaters. Aerators, Spa Blowers. Visible Plumbing & Valves. Electrical: Panels & Breakers, Timer Boxes.

Supply: Main Water Line & Main Valve. Pressure Regulators. Relief-Valves. System Pressure, Functional Flow. Water Heaters.
Pool/Spa (Optional)
Configurations & Drainage. Guttering & Downspouts. Framing Systems: Rafters, Struts, Purlins & Ties, Engineered Truss Frames, Sheathing. Attic Cavity: Access, Ventilation & Insulation. Chimneys Relative to Attic. Roof Coverings. Penetration Flashing. Skylights.
Plumbing Systems
Drain, Waste & Vent: System Piping, Connections. Vent Terminations & Clearances. Fixture Traps & Water Seals.
Gas Fuel: Metering & Main Valves. Seismic Shut-Off Valve. Appliance Valves & Connectors.
Heating Systems
Gas Furnaces and Other Heating Equipment, Locations, Clearances. Combustion Air Supply. Flue Venting Systems. Thermostat Control Devices. Ductwork & Other Distribution Systems, Air Filters.
Electrical Systems
Service Entrances, Conductors, Voltage (110/220v.) Point of Attachment, Masthead. System Grounding. Mains Disconnects. Main & Sub Distribution Panels. Branch Circuits, Over-Current Protection Devices. Wiring, Conduits & Junction Boxes. Lighting & Switch Controls, Receptacle Devices. Ground-Fault Protection. Smoke Detection/Alarm Devices.
Interior Features
Hallways: Fire Egress Relative to Sleeping Rooms. Interior Finishes: Floors, Walls & Ceilings. Exterior Doors, Hardware. Interior Doors, Hardware. Windows, Hardware. Electrical: Lighting & Switch Controls, Receptacle Devices. Required Smoke Detection/Alarm Devices.
Stairways: Fire Egress Relative to Dwelling Upper Levels. Stair Tread Rise & Run Dimensions, Finishes. Headroom Clearance & Stairs Width. Interior Finishes: Walls, Ceilings. Lighting & Switch Controls. Required Smoke Detection/Alarm Devices. Handrails & Guardrails.
Wet Bars: Built-In Cabinetry & Countertops. Sink Fixtures & Related Faucet Fittings. Plumbing Supply Connections, Shut-Off Valves. Waste Drainage Plumbing, Connections. Electrical: Lighting & Switch Controls, Receptacle Devices.
Fireplaces: Fireboxes & Hearths. Metal Mesh Spark/Ember Curtains. Glass Fire-Screen Doors. Hearth Extensions. Veneer Walls, Mantle & Trim, Clearances. Gas, Shut-Off Valves. Dampers. Fans, Blowers. 
Laundry Facilities
Plumbing Supply Hook-Up Connections. Waste Drainage, Standpipe. Gas Supply. Laundry Sinks, Supply & Waste Drainage Plumbing. Built-In Cabinetry & Countertops. Lighting & Switch Controls, Receptacle Devices. Mechanical Ventilation. Clothes Dryer Exhaust Ducting, Termination.
Kitchen Facilities
Interior Finishes: Floors, Walls & Ceilings. Doors & Windows. Built-In Cabinetry. Countertops & Backsplash. Sink Fixtures, Faucets. Plumbing. Garbage Disposal Units. Lighting & Switch Controls, Receptacle Devices. Built-In Appliances: Cooktops, Vent Hoods, Oven/Broilers, Dishwashers.
Interior Finishes: Floors, Walls & Ceilings. Doors & Windows. Vanity Cabinets, Countertops & Backsplash. Sinks, Toilets, Soaking Tubs, Showers and Other Plumbing Fixtures. Supply & Waste Drainage Plumbing Connections. Glass Shower Enclosures. Lighting & Switch Controls, Receptacle Devices. Mechanical Ventilation & Comfort Heating.
Interior Finishes: Floors, Walls & Ceilings. Doors & Windows. Natural Light & Ventilation. Lighting & Switch Controls, Receptacle Devices. Comfort Heating & Cooling. Smoke Detection/Alarm Devices. Closets & Built-Ins.
Dwelling Interiors
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