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P.I.C. conducts comprehensive physical inspections reporting on the condition of several hundred residential, commercial and other buildings annually. Our range of services reflects the needs of a variety of clients in the inspection of many types of properties. Inspection services provided include consultation on report findings as part of all inspections performed.
Our inspection work involves examination of many types of structures and architectural styles,  from new construction to buildings dating back to pre-1900. Inspection of residential, commercial or other buildings, is for general condition and "material defects" which may affect safety and serviceability with respect to occupancy or use of the property. 
Single-Family Dwellings
From beach bungalows to suburban valley tract houses, custom built canyon homes and historical residences, P.I.C. inspection of single-family dwellings of various types and ages account for a considerable volume of our work for clients each year. Our inspections are an investigation process for the discovery of "material defects". We do not comment on aesthetic appeal, style, value, or advisability of purchase in any report provided.   
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Condominium Units & Townhomes
P.I.C. inspection of "common interest development" dwelling units is essentially limited to the interior aspects of such units. Our reports cover heating and cooling systems, plumbing and electrical, built-in appliances, and include a room-by-room inspection. Special focus is given to kitchens, bathrooms, laundry facilities and features such as fireplaces, wet-bars etc. We also address any "exclusive use" common areas such as balcony decks.
Residential Estate Type Properties
P.I.C. inspection of larger residential estates typically include guest houses, horse barns or other buildings, pools and tennis courts. We are accustomed to working with business managers, real estate. legal or other representatives of clients who may wish anonymity or not be available to arrange or participate in our inspection site-visit. As with all our inspection work, we maintain strict client confidentiality unless otherwise specifically requested and instructed. 
2, 3 or 4 Dwelling Unit Buildings
Residential duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes are inspected to the same recognized Standards of Practice required for single-family dwellings, and aside from the dwelling unit building includes inspection of garages and carports. P.I.C. is very much aware of the investment nature of such properties, whether to be owner-occupied or not, paying particular attention to tenant safety, owner liability aspects and maintenance-related challenges
Apartment Buildings
P.I.C. inspection of multi-family residential buildings comprising five or more dwelling units range from preliminary examination of fundamental aspects with the option of verbal consultation or a letter of opinon, to fully comprehensive written reports supported by specialists in various disciplines. Our approach to examination of such properties is tailored to the client, the property, the amount and type of information requested, and the purpose of the inspection.
Commercial & Industrial Buildings
P.I.C. conducts inspections on a wide range of commercially or industrially zoned properties on buildings with a variety of occupancies and uses, e.g. office and profiessional buildings, retail store-front, light manufacturing and warehousing, mixed-use residential and retail, hotels, motels and restaurants, assisted living and child day care facilities, special use public buildings such as schools and churches, etc. Our inspection services range from preliminary examination of fundamental aspects of a building and its plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems with the option of verbal consultation, letter of opinion or a written report, to a fully comprehensive generalist inspection with detailed written narrative report, supported by specialists in various licensed disciplines. Our approach to examination of such properties is tailored to the client's needs, the property type, depth of discovery and the amount of information requested, and the purpose of the inspection.
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