Have all involved parties been notified?
Has access to the property been confirmed?
Have all affected persons been alerted?
Permission to enter
Keys to all areas
All utilities activated and operational?
Ready access available to all building areas?
All yard areas accessible - Dogs or other pets secured
Underfloor crawlspace access opening(s) unobstructed
Attic crawlspace access opening(s) unobstructed
Furnaces or other heating equipment unobstructed
Air conditioning equipment unobstructed
Main or other electrical distribution panels unobstructed
Water heater appliance(s) unobstructed
Vehicles or boat trailers removed from garages
Fireplace firebox and hearth areas unobstructed
Under sink base cabinet areas unobstructed
Kitchen built-in appliances accessible to examine
Plumbing fixture access panels unobstructed
Refer to General Notes Below

General Notes:
  • The inspector does not turn on any main or other water supply valves, or any main or other gas supply valves, or throw on any main electrical breakers or activate any other main disconnect devices. All water, power and gas utilities are required to activated prior to the inspection.
  • The inspector does not light any gas appliance pilot lights, or operate any gas appliance valve to activate any appliance. All appliances and equipment to be inspected are required to be activated and operational.
  • The inspector does not move or remove furniture, furnishings, stored items or any other personal property obstruction to gain access to any building area, system or component to be inspected. All building areas, systems and components to be inspected are required to be readily accessible.
Where such limitating conditions are encountered, the inspection will result in unknowns and an incomplete report necessitating a second site-visit at additional expense.

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