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Master CREIA Inspector (MCI)  #0034
California Real Estate Inspection Association
Certified Inspector Member #244011
American Society of Home Inspectors
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Full-time inspector since 1994. Approx. 10,000 inspections performed on many residential & commercial property types.
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Provided if requested on an "as available" basis, additional charge at an hourly rate.
Available, unlimited via telephone or email till close of escrow. No Additional Charge.
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Keith Morgan, MCI (CREIA), ASHI - See Resume
Beyond formal classroom education and in-the-field training, it can typically take someone new to the inspection profession a couple or so years full-time experience and a few hundred fee-paid inspections to arrive at a level of performance comparable to seasoned inspectors.
Actual "hands-on" building experience, with knowledge of construction technology and methods, materials types and applications, building systems and components and the various industry trades practices lend greatly to the qualifications and skill of the inspection professional.
40+ years combined experience in building design and construction on various types of residential and commercial properties.
California has no "standard" inspection report, and reports vary considerably. So-called "checklist" reports, or those that give ratings such as "good", "fair" or "poor" or categorize components as "acceptable" or "not acceptable" provide little information to the inspection client. 
Written full narrative, typically 50+ pages. 20-Section Report plus Summary Section with "Notes" and "Recommendations".
Delivered via internet email either the same day or within 24-48 hours. Printed, bound hardcopy avaliable, mailed upon request.
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Reviewing and comparing individual inspector qualifications is recommended. Larger multiple inspection company contract inspector qualifications or experience may vary  As a sole-practitioner firm, all P.I.C. inspections are personally conducted by Keith Morgan.
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There is no legal requirement for inspection report delivery, other than it must be written. Obviously the imperative is that the report be delivered timely to the transaction. Reports generated "on-site" tend to be less comprehensisve and can be more prone to later scrutiny.
Perhaps the most overlooked important aspect of property inspection is the availaibility of the inspector for follow-up consultation. Clients should feel confident that the inspector can be reached for questions or advice on their findings, areas of concern or recommendations.
CREIA and ASHI require passing a rigorous examination of inspection and construction knowledge. The Master CREIA Inspector (MCI) designation is the highest attainable. Standards of Practice are recognized in state law as the "standare of care" for Caifornia inspectors.
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Not all inspectors offer re-inspection of repairs or corrections on materially defective conditions reported. In the event re-inspection is requested, a separate (new) contract is required and a limited scope report or addendum issued on those affected systems or components.
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Footnote: The State of California minimally regulates and requires no form of licensure,  insurance, bonding or other financial requirements for home inspectors. General physical inspections conducted and reports by P.I.C. principal Keith Morgan, MCI (CREIA), ASHI a sole-practitioner individual professional services provider meet the standard care of care referenced in annotated California Business & Professions Code.